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 Stealth Internet Services, Inc ®  is currently compiling a FAQ for Network Security and the StealthNetWall™ product.  Please be patient until this list is fully compiled.
Q.: What is the StealthNetWall™ product?

StealthNetWall™ is an Internet Protocol (IP) packet filtering firewall used to protect your computer.  It is NOT a virus protection software.

Q.: How does the StealthNetWall™ product protect me?

The StealthNetWall™ IP filtering firewall capabilities protects your computer the moment any IP data enters your computer.  It makes your computer Stealth on ANY network by preventing pings and traceroutes to your computer.  In addition, it prevents many of the ICMP and all IP header OPTIONS which are considered security vulnerabilities from entering your computer

Q.: What is unique about  StealthNetWall™ IP filtering Firewall ?
A.: The StealthNetWall™ IP filtering firewall is unique and new in the field because it is Windows 2000/XP kernel level firewall.  Unlike other firewalls, it is NOT a bulky memory-consuming product.  It is small, light weight, and most importantly prevents harmful data to enter your computer at a MUCH LOWER level than other personal firewalls.


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  StealthNetWall version 1.2. Is out!!!!

Purchase StealthNetWall version 1.2 for $19.95 and have, free upgrades for ONE full year, technical support, and security consulting services for your PC .



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