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Who is Stealth Internet Services, Inc.

Company Mission

Stealth Internet Services' new mission is to provide network security products and consulting services to the entire spectrum of Internet users. 

Stealth Internet Services, Inc. was founded in 1996 by a former employee of AT&T Bell Laboratories. Due to his previous work at AT&T Bell labs, and other work he performed as a consultant for CyberGuard Corporation, he saw the future of the Internet and the need for awareness in Network security. Thus, in June of 1996 he started this company, Stealth Internet Services, Inc. to plan and focus on Internet and network security for the years to come.

In 1996, Network Security was hardly spoken about.  In fact, if you asked someone what network security was, they probably responded, "Having a difficult password to your computer and a good lock to the computer room". Government agencies and some corporations had similar views, but they included other factors one of which is data encryption.

In the years that followed, the Internet and Network security exploded. Initially, most of the computer related issues revolved around Unix operating systems, but then other operating systems such as the Microsoft Windows operating system began to get more exposure on security vulnerabilities.

It is now clear that the Internet has redefined the term network security from difficult passwords, to Firewalls, Data Encryption, Virus protections, data recovery and intrusion detection and more. 

Stealth Internet Services' new mission is to provide network security consulting services and products to the entire spectrum of Internet users. We have recognized that the SOHO/Home user requires protection as well as Corporate customers. Therefore, we will help the SOHO/Home user protect their computer resources against the world!

Our services include:


Corporate and Personal Firewalls


Virtual Private Network


Site Security Policy Development


Networking of Unix and Windows Platforms


Virus Protection Software


Disaster Recovery Software


Network Security Analysis

Stealth Internet Services, Inc takes pride in being able to provide a full security solution to
the entire spectrum of Internet users. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Angel Gregory Ortiz - President

Stealth Internet Services, Inc.
5318 SW 195 Terr

Miramar, FL 33029
Tele: 954-261-0932

If you have comments or suggestions, email us at secinfo@stealthnet.com



Securing your personal computer resources from the world!