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What is Internet Security

Internet security is a method where by a security policy is established for anyone planning to connect to the Internet. In its simplistic form, it is a set of rules for your company that details the do's and don'ts for your internal to external communication. On a more detailed level, it can encompass seeking legal counsel and working with local and federal law enforcement organizations.


Since a site security policy is the first phase in Internet Security, a Firewall should also be considered as part of your company's security policy. The purpose of a Firewall is to fully implement all of the components of a company security policy.


Security should not be taken lightly since exposure to Internet/Intranet threats can lead to loss of business, data, and customers. Depending on the nature of your business, the data that is compromised may also consist of vital customer information. Customers that feel that your company has compromised their data due to negligence may file lawsuits against your company.


Therefore, having a security policy will reduce your exposure to Internet/Intranet threats and detail the actions your company needs to take in the event a break in occurs. Having a set of rules to protect your company against a break in can also minimize your company's liability in the event a lawsuit is brought against your company buy its customers.

What is a Security Policy

A security policy is primarily determined and driven by the business nature of a company. Even companies in the same vertical market may have differing security policies due to the interest and priority they place on site security. Basically, the interest in an Internet security policy for most companies is directly proportional to their perception of risks and threats. Perception is reality…


A security policy is in essence, a set of procedures detailing a plan for protecting a site's network and assets. This plan should also include actions to take in order to minimize threats. In addition, if an attack has been launched against the company, a security policy should detail the procedures to be taken to counter measure any further attacks. This counter measure may also include contacting local or federal law enforcement officials. 

Some of the things a company may want to consider when developing a security plan is the following: 

bulletSegregate your network into sub-nets. This will help you identify what hosts on a sub-net are of importance.
bulletAfter segregating your network, determine which host(s) you want to protect and why. Protection could include physical and network security.
bulletDetermine what are the different types of threats and their likelihood
bulletMost importantly, is to constantly review your security needs and update your security policy.


Finally, it is important to mention that your company's security policy should be a cost effective procedure including hardware, software and personnel.

Who Needs a Security Policy

Any company who has a network requires a security policy for that network. In addition, when a company connects its internal network to the Internet, another security policy is required. In essence, a company requires two sets of security policies, one for their Intranet, and one for connections to the Internet. Both these policies must be implemented in a synergistic fashion such that both complement one another.

A company's President, Vice President(s) and their site system administrators require a security policy. The upper level managers of a company must make certain that a security policy exists, and the site system administrator(s) must make sure that the security policies are enforced. Upper level management must mandate that the established security policies are executed by their company and personnel.

Why Do You Need a Security Consultant

A security consultant is a person or an organization that can help your company establish a security policy and secure your assets. Hiring the right security organization is vital to the protection and success of your company. An Internet security organization can help your company in the following ways: 

bulletEstablish a site security policy for both the Intranet network and connections to the Internet.
bulletThe security organization can identify and implement a Firewall for your company. A Firewall is highly recommended as part of your company's security policy since it will implement many of the security policy components.
bulletAid in scanning and probing your network and network hosts for vulnerabilities.
bulletCan help your company in developing customized programs for monitoring and logging intruder events. Logging and monitoring intruder events is highly important for protecting your company from possible negligence lawsuits. In addition, it will be your company's evidence that a break in and crime has occurred. This evidence can then be used to provide law enforcement officials with the proper data to prosecute the intruder.
bulletA security organization can also provide suggestions for contacting the proper local and federal law enforcement agencies.
bulletA security organization can also keep your company up to date on Security Advisories and possible threats.


A security consultant can help protect your company and provide you company with up to date security related information.


To conclude, Internet crimes and laws against these types of crimes are beginning to get more public awareness. Internet crime laws are also starting to become more defined and as such, companies may be finding themselves involved in legal issues. To minimize a company's liability, it would be prudent for a company to establish a security policy at a bare minimum. In addition, the implementation of a Firewall is highly recommended since it will aid the company in implementing many of the components of their security policy. 

Security organizations such as Stealth Internet Services, Inc. can help your company define and implement a security policy. Since a security policy is just the first step in securing your company, Stealth Internet Services can also implement a commercial Firewall that will protect your company and customers. 

A security organization should also collaboratively work with your company by providing information on Security Advisories and vulnerabilities inherent to your company's operating systems. 

For any questions or for further information, please contact Stealth Internet Services, Inc. at:  secinfo@stealthnet.com  


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